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a site-specific research prompt and response (ongoing)

Archival pigment print suspended on glass nails, 2014. This photo-sculpture is an ongoing gesture printed site-specific for each exhibition--each iteration's title is based on research of the curatorial, historical, geographic, cultural, and/or political context of its exhibition. The resulting title of the debut of this gesture (below) is a prose-meditation that features appropriated, paraphrased, and original text based on research of Kansas City's jazz renaissance of the late 1920's and early 1930's, which was heavily interdependent on political corruption and artist migration:

get up pussycat, we’re jamming and all the pianists are tired / it’s a revival / one-three / two-four / locomotive 4/4 / yap / snap / siccing / 750/24 / have to learn how to team / how to breathe together / sticky riffs / gut bucket / jam session blood butcher / rapping nickels on the windows / 1000s of negotiations / they brought pendergast in a cement bandwagon / at its distant end, the trail lies well over the horizon of a recoverable history / the mintirn interview / two old maids in a folding bed / mr. half-and-half / edna mae jacobs / ivory manners / worldmaking / drag performers / how many got jazzed? / no royalties / everything is territory / blank matchbooks / seating 10,000 people, 69 at a time / 30 minute solos / 111 choruses of nagasaki / the guillotine of the cherry blossom / elephants wobble / kater street rag / boot to boot / squabblin’ / suff scufflin’ / comping / the count / mcshann / centripetal ghetto forces / call your children home joe / don’t close these doors unless y’all you know what you’re doing / thanks for dancing speedy huggins