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Spilled Milk, 2014 (ongoing)

Spilled Milk (matte black, 5 mL; light black, 1.35 mL; light light black, 1.9 mL; yellow, 2.4 mL; orange, .1 mL; vivid light magenta, 3.6 mL; vivid magenta, .3 mL; green, .1 mL; light cyan, 1.7 mL; cyan, 1.55 mL)

Archival epson pigment inks applied directly to wall. This debut iteration of the pigment ink spill technique is a deconstruction of Jeff Wall’s image “Milk” (1984) featuring the pigment inks needed to print the image at its exhibition size (189.2 x 229.2 cm). This photograph was highlighted by Wall in his 1989 essay “Photography and Liquid Intelligence,” which traces knowledge (as represented by images) as either “wet” or “dry” and thus implicitly historically-inclined (through water photography is connected to the past) or future-inclined (through technology photography is typically thought of as dry).

This ongoing gesture is site-specific and looks toward the historical or contemporary context of the host site for revelatory subjects of research and execution.