The Rickshaw

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Eric Garner chokehold excerpted still image, documented by Ramsey Orta, July 17, 2014; Walker Evans Storefront and Signs, Beaufort, South Carolina, 1936; Zoe Leonard, Century, 2006; Stonewall Inn (photo by N.S. Beranek, blogger/tourist, 2014); Gordon Parks, Department Store, Mobile, Alabama, 1956; Martha Rosler, The Bowery in two inadequate descriptive systems (1974–1975); Eugene Atget, Prostitute Taking her Shift, La Villette circa 1920; Black Panther Party storefront in Oakland, CA; excerpted from Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution, 2016

Color Pigment Printer Inks, 100 Carbon Inks, 11 ft x 26 ft, 2016