T.H.T.K. (2010-Present)

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THTK (2010-Present)

Video Interview, T.H.T.K. (San Francisco) 2013, January 16—March 16, 2013, , In 2010 Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus initiated an archive of photographs deemed “too hard to keep” so that there would be a repository for these kinds of images to exist without being destroyed. Submissions include a variety of photographic material: photographs, photo albums, slides, negatives, and/or photo objects depicting friends, family, pets, interiors, landscapes, and more. Lazarus encourages donors to the archive to indicate whether the submitted materials are not to be shown again (to be exhibited face down) or may be exhibited and published in the future alongside other submissions., , Since October 2010 SF Camerawork has hosted a drop box to collect donations to forward to Lazarus. The archive is estimated to hold more than 3,000 photographs and has been exhibited in the U.S. and Europe. This exhibition is its West Coast debut. SF Camerawork will host an artist talk and reception in its gallery on Sat, Feb 16 at 6:00 pm., , In July 2013, SF Camerawork Publications will release a 64-page monograph of this project with a text by scholar Abigail Solomon-Godeau. For more information on this exhibition please visit: sfcamerawork.org or to learn how you can participate: toohardtokeep.blogspot.com